Millions still not registered to vote in General Election hours before deadline

With just hours left until the deadline for registering to vote in next months General Election, across the UK seven million people are still not on the electoral roll or are incorrectly registered and will not have a right to vote on July 4th representing more than the combined adult population of Scotland and Wales, and is equivalent to voter totals of more than 100 UK Parliament constituencies.

People planning to vote in the upcoming General Election on Thursday 4th of July have until 11:59pm to register to vote if they are not registered already or If they have recently changed address or name, they will need to re-register with their most up-to-date details. 

Craig Westwood, Director of Communications at the Electoral Commission, said: 

“Anyone that wants to have their say at the ballot box must be registered to vote before the deadline of midnight on Tuesday. Registering online is quick and simple so don’t put it off any longer.”

“Our research shows that some groups of people are less likely to be registered, including young people, private renters and those who have recently moved house. If you know anyone who hasn’t yet registered, let them know that time is running out ahead of this general election.”

Five minutes is all it takes to register to vote online but the deadline to register to vote in next months General Election is 11.59pm tonight the 18th June. The public are been reminded to ensure they are registered ahead of tonight’s deadline to ensure they can vote 

To register, you must be 18 on polling day and are a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen.

If you’re a student, you can be registered at both your accommodation and home. However, you are only permitted to vote once.

If you wish to complete a postal vote, the application deadline is 17:00 on Wednesday (19th June). For those wishing to apply for a proxy vote, the deadline is 17:00 on 26th June.

Voters will also for the first time in a UK General Election need to show ID at the polling station on 4th July. The stations will open at 07:00 on 4th July and close at 22:00 that night, with the results expected during the early hours of Friday 5th July.

Deadlines for voters leading up to the July 4th election are:

Register to vote by 11.59pm on Tuesday 18 June.

Apply for a postal vote by 5pm on Wednesday 19 June.

Apply for a proxy vote by 5pm on Wednesday 26 June.

Apply for a voter authority certificate (Voter ID) by 5pm on Wednesday 26 June.

To register to vote online visit

For further information on postal and proxy votes and voter ID visit:

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