Doors set to Close for Final Time on Penrith Town Hall as Centre of Local Government

The doors to Penrith Town Hall are set to close at 4:30 today (Friday 14th of June) bringing to an end of over a century as the town hall and a local government administration building in Penrith.

Staff have relocated to Voreda House that opens to the public on Monday (17th June) with the reception team the final team to depart the town hall as it closes today at 4:30pm.

In what will be a low key event with closing of the iconic wooden town hall doors that have formed the backdrop for proclamations of new heads of state to the local celebrations of the end of the Second World War.

Penrith Town Hall will close to the public with an uncertain future ahead as the council have yet to decide the future of the building that could see it potentially repurposed or sold along with Mansion House that also closes today.

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