Chef Hopes Enough ‘Kneady’ Folk Will Help Fund Plans to Open New Dining Spot In Penrith

A new dining spot could open in Penrith if Lucy Andrews a chef from Cambridgeshire. with 14 years experience who recently moved to Penrith come to fruition.

Lucy is planning to open a dining spot named Kneady Folk she promises will be a culinary haven for food lovers.

Lucy who recently moved to Penrith said “I was a bit disheartened by the lack of diverse brunch options on offer in Penrith.”

Disenchanted by the limited brunch offerings in Penrith Lucy decided to use her 14 years of culinary knowledge to diversify Penrith's food scene with her own vision to create something more than just a dining spot in a recently closed café in the town.

Lucy said “I want to provide a cosy space for people to unwind and where folks can gather to enjoy a fabulous meal, sip on the finest coffee, and indulge in homemade baked goods.”

“I'm determined to bring my culinary know-how to Penrith and embark on a mission to help transform the town's food scene”

Establishing a new business comes with financial challenges faced by all startup businesses that Lucy is tackling this by starting a Kickstarter campaign hoping ot raise £20,000 through donations from the public to fund her Penrith food business plans to cover the costs of things like branding, packaging, POS systems, uniforms, ingredients, the construction of an adequate kitchen and more.

She said: "I am incredibly excited to bring Kneady Folk to Penrith and share my love of food with this wonderful community.”

"With your support, we can create a vibrant culinary hub that not only serves delicious meals but also brings people together. Let’s put Penrith on the map as a must-visit destination for food lovers."

In 2018 Lucy and Caroline Bailey a businesswoman in Ely, Cambridge joined forces to open what was billed as the city’s first dedicated vegan and gluten-free café named Lucy at 35 that rebranded in 2019 to Truly Scrumptious and closed in 2023. 

The Kneady Folk Kickstarter has so far raised £725 of its £20,000 goal.

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