Yellow Weather Warning for Heavy Thunder and Rain on Sunday Afternoon

The Met Office has issued three yellow thunderstorm warnings from midday, with people warned of the chance of flooding and power cuts.

Heavy showers and thunderstorms are set to hit large parts of the UK on Sunday after the country recorded the warmest day of the year so far on Saturday with temperatures peaking at 25.9C in parts of the UK. 

Sunday will remain warm with a dry but overcast morning but Heavy Thunderstorms along with significant rainfall is expected on Sunday afternoon and evening across Cumbria along with the West of the UK and Ireland.

The Met office has issued three separate Yellow Weather Warning with one of the three yellow weather warnings issued covering most of the west of the UK including Cumbria coming into force at midday and lasts until 10pm on Sunday.

A second yellow weather warning covering the western parts of Scotland is in place between 2pm on Sunday to 4am on Monday. The third yellow weather warning covers the western half of Northern Ireland between 11am and 7pm. 

The Met Office has said that “People in areas with a yellow warning should expect some disruption, especially to travel.”

“Spray and sudden flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and there is a slight chance of power cuts.”

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