Councillors Approve Carleton Planning Application for 105 Houses

Members of the Westmorland and Furness Council Strategic Planning Committee meeting in Kendal on Wednesday morning have voted unanimously to approve plans for the development of 105 new houses by Barratt Homes Manchester on land located on Carleton Road.

Councillors were pleased to see the including of a mix of 30% affordable homes included in the plans by the developer that will include a mix of bungalows and 2,3 and 4 bed properties built on the land located between Carleton Farm and the Cross Keys in Carleton Village.

The application went before the committee following an objection by Penrith Town Council although no representatives of the town council attended the meeting to present their objections to the committee.

A representative of Evolve Penrith did attend to speak to the committee on both planning applications considered by the committee for development in Penrith to highlight the need for wider community and social infrastructure funding and planning that could be delivered through S106 commitments to address the need for more healthcare provision, youth provision, education capacity, community spaces alongside other community building needs and the need for a more strategic master plan for Penrith.

Councillors voted to support the officer recommendations to approve the plans with all eight councillors voting unanimously in favour of the plans.

we will have a full report from todays planning meeting including the speakers for and against both planning applications ad the comment sof officers and councillors at todays meeting at 6pm.

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